Main business


  • 2019

    Fanchang Tuojia Street

    Fanchang Tuojiawang Street

    Fanchang Tuojia MINIBOX

    Fanchang Sports Center

    Fanchang Cinema

    Fanchang Museum

    Li Bai Shuyuan unveiled

  • 2018

    Dangtu Tuojia Taipingfu Township Project was formally signed

    The signing of Qufang Street, Suzhou Greenland

    Suzhou Xinbianhe Commercial Street is officially signed

  • 2017

    Suzhou Tuojia High Speed Rail Commercial Project Successfully Photographed

    Bozhou Tuojia Joy Ode Project Launched

    Suzhou underground commercial street project officially launched

    Wuhu Tuojia Rising Sun Tiandu Commercial Project officially launched

    Sanshan Tuojia Chuangke Cultural Square

  • 2016

    Bozhou Tuojia Happy Plaza officially landed

    Grand investment promotion of Wuhu Tuojia Happy Plaza

    Wuhu Tuojia Joy Ode officially launched

    Suzhou Tuojia Happy Street project started

  • 2014
    Tongling Tuojiaolai International Plaza
  • 2013

    Maanshan Four Seasons Exchange Project is officially signed

    Anhui Dingyuan Polaris Commercial Plaza

  • 2012

    Wuhu Tuojia Happy Coast project started operation

    Anhui Dingyuan Polaris Commercial Plaza

  • 2011

    The upgrading project of Huaihe Road Pedestrian Block in the core city center of Luyang District was initiated, and a strategic cooperation agreement was reached with China Merchants Property to jointly develop the Anhui market.

  • 2010

    Shushan District Tuojiawang Street Project Started

    The project of Tuojia Sunshine Plaza in Luyang District was launched.

  • 2009

    Shushan Tuojia Happy Square project started

    The designated sponsor of the Anhui Provincial Sports Delegation of the National Games

  • 2008
    The project of Tuojiajin Street in Binhu New District of Hefei City was launched
  • 2006
    Hangbu Economic Development Zone Project / Pan Cultural Industrial Park
  • 2005

    The Group's subsidiary Anhui Leading Property Management Co., Ltd. was established (commercial property management)

    The official office of Tuojia Center is officially operated (standard class A office building)

    Anhui Huatian Fair Auction Company, a subsidiary of the Group, was established (mainly engaged in auction business)

  • 2004
    Anhui Linghang Advertising Communication Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Group, was established (mainly engaged in the operation of high-speed advertising spaces)
  • 2003

    Anhui Huacong Property Management Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group, was established.

    Tuojia Xintiandi Plaza project is officially in operation (mainly engaged in entertainment and cultural real estate)

  • 2002

    Tuojia Group established its headquarters in Hefei.

  • 1999

    Shenzhen Tuojia Investment Co., Ltd. was established and successfully launched the Shenzhen Chuangzhan Center project, thus officially opening the Shenzhen market.