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Tuojia Wuhu 12 children create a large commercial structure | Huashan Station Metro commercial Yaoqi new chapter, three streets and three halls together to shape the soul of prosperous commercial culture

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Location Group Rejuvenate Wuhu Economic Development Development Pattern

2012 was an important stage for the development of Tuojia Group in the province. Tuojia entered Wuhu for the first time this year and successfully created Tuojia Happy Coast. Over the past 8 years, Tuojia Wuhu City Company has not forgotten its original intention and crafted commerce. It has written a Chinese chapter with its struggle, rejuvenated the city's commercial life and empowered regional commercial upgrading. In the past 8 years, Tuojia people have been deeply nourished by the local culture, and have formed a deep friendship with the city. They have successively dedicated many high-quality community-themed commercial projects to the people of Jiangcheng.

Wuhu, known as the "Jiangdong Mingyi" and "Wu Chuming District", is the second largest economy in Anhui Province, and its economic aggregate is second only to Hefei. After the integration of the Yangtze River Delta has become a national strategy, the status of Wuhu in the development pattern of the whole country and the province has been comprehensively improved-Jiangcheng has expanded the "Yangtze River Friendship Circle"!

The Tuojia Wuhu Gemini with a commercial volume of nearly 200,000 square meters seems to be a giant commercial aircraft carrier. Together with other excellent enterprises, it further promotes the development of commercial and industrial areas in the north of Wuhu City, and promotes the construction of industries and commercial demonstration areas in the Economic Development Zone It provides a source of power for better playing the characteristics and advantages of Wuhu City, adding development momentum and achieving an overall leap.

Commercial Renewal The New Orientation of the Commercial Business of Huashan Station on Line 1

Wuhu Tuojia Happy Square

The Wuhu Tuojia Gemini Project, consisting of Happy Square and Ode to Joy, is a large-scale high-quality commercial complex in the north of the city built by Tuojia Group, a leading commercial and alternative asset operation and management group in China, together with the Wuhu Municipal Government and the Wuhu Economic Development Zone. The properties along the subway are planned to include neighborhood malls, business hotels, office buildings, fashion businesses along the street, and block blocks, forming a one-stop 15-minute quality living circle of residence, commerce, leisure, shopping, and entertainment. Its size and volume radiate the entire The Economic Development Zone provides comprehensive and high-quality services for residents in surrounding residential communities, factory and enterprise centers, tourist attractions, schools and other groups.

Wuhu Tuojia Ode to Joy

The vigorous urban development will open a new chapter. Wuhu Rail Transit seems to be a ready-made urban dragon, flying over Jinghu and crossing the Zhongjiang Bridge, becoming a powerful giant in Jiangcheng. As Line 1 is about to open, Tuojia Gemini, as a business along the Huashan Station, will build on a new starting point, build a commercial high ground, and become a young, fashionable, and vibrant urban landmark.

Three Streets and Three Pavilions dedicated to prosperity and shaping the soul of commercial culture

According to the strategic cooperation framework agreement signed between the government of Fanchang County in Wuhu City and the Tuojia Group, the two parties have carried out all-round, wide-field and high-level cooperation in projects such as two community commercial streets, three functional venues, and Fanchang talent apartment supporting business. Focus on the operation and management of commercial assets, and promote the promotion of Fanchang's business structure, adjustment of industrial structure and improvement of core competitiveness.

At present, the preparatory work for investment promotion has been launched, and the investment hotline: 13966665544 Manager Pan

Tuojia Group will actively respond to the Party Central Committee and the State Council's important deployment of promoting high-quality economic development and promoting the formation of a strong domestic market, and actively implement the "6 + 1" key work of the Ministry of Commerce-people-centered development of ideas and promotion of consumer supply Structural reform, the mission of the times to meet the needs of the people for a better life.

Tuojia Wuhu City Company's 12 sub-business groups are focusing on optimizing the business environment, creating a beautiful and comfortable, distinctive street style and pedestrian business environment; improving business quality, enriching cultural experience formats; reassuring the government, benefiting merchants, and satisfying the people. At the same time, through cultural infiltration, characteristic cultivation and other measures, commercial blocks have become a carrier of in-depth interaction between people and the city, and Wuhu Tuojia has become a bright business card for Jiangcheng!