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Guochao Hi | Golden Week Punch Qufang Street

Date:2020-05-03 Views:52

Want to have a perfect encounter across ancient and modern times?

Do you want to make pictures and videos of explosions?

Opportunity comes

Punch Qufang Street, Suzhou

May Day Golden Week

Welfare activities are non-stop!

Walk into Qufang Ancient Street, blue sky and white clouds

Corridor flowing water, pavilions, pavilions, red lights

During the day, Yixiang Ying, the theme activities of the block are constantly

At the beginning of the evening, the lantern was on, and there were thousands of lights

n addition to the net red tide shooting resort

There is more joy waiting for everyone to unlock

National tide punches in, greets traditional Lixia

The May 1st Art Exhibition of the World's Unique Culture "Plum Blossom Sealing Characters" landed on Qufang Street. Teacher Wang Hongjun, a non-genetic inheritor, visited the event. Promote Chinese culture through the national rhyme "plum blossom seal" art, and perceive the Chinese traditional culture.

Sugar painting experience

Now in a modern building filled with clouds

The traditional figure of sugar painting has gradually faded

Punch Qufang Street is definitely worthwhile

Old craftsman who is good at painting sugar

Give you a long-term surprise

Guofeng Gule

In this recovery

Chinese Lunar April

There is a beautiful lady on the water side

Song of dance, dance of dance

Folk scene

The national trend hit

In this cultural and cultural golden week

With family and friends

Experience old traditions, feel old folk customs,

Have a traditional Lixia

Traditional Chinese Opera

Singing and playing, Facebook

Opera as the essence of traditional culture

Has accompanied the Chinese people through the sea

Trollfuck Punch Meet Dongpo Market

More than 20 shopkeepers gathered at Qufang Street,

Meeting Dongpo Market with you,

Play differently.

A dazzling array of cultural and creative objects

t is more a satisfaction and desire

Gourmet punch card preferred Qufang Street

Opening celebration heart cake, opening the beautiful early summer

Jinman Cake is a famous gold baking store

Qufang Street branch opened on Golden Day

Free cake-wide contribution

At the beginning of the lantern, taste buds are more active

A street of Qufang, seven points of music and taste

Sake & Sushi & Ramen & Japanese Roasted Bird

Three or two friends in one second

Wonderful activities continue, happy 51

National tide winds and waves ~ so many highlights

Spring and summer special benefits, have a great holiday

Meet friends and family and dream back to the millennium together!