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What is life aesthetics?

Zhaijuwojia Loose Pajamas

Sleepy eyes still hazy, hobble to cook noodles?

This is definitely not a life that senior foodies like

Come to Suzhou Qufang Street!

Elegance and leisure are about to begin

The most worth looking forward to in 2020

Japanese cuisine in a true sense is far more delicate and rigorous than we thought. Japanese cuisine requires natural colors, delicious flavors, diverse shapes, and excellent utensils, and the materials and conditioning methods emphasize the sense of seasons.

Tea sets and dishes are full of rich Dongying style. Enjoy the deep culture of Japanese cuisine on the side of Qufang Street and the intimate "fans". Two glasses of sake make the meal enjoyable, simple and without a sense of life

——Qufang Street | Izakaya

It is said that people who understand music know life better. The Taohuawu music bar in Qufang Street, with love and music, what can you do?

In order to continue to create an intimate and private music space, from the high table to the elegant seat, the dining table is equipped with different floor heights to ensure that each guest has a clear sight and sense of participation. The lighting system brings people to another level of feeling in the space.

——Qufang Street | Taohuawu Bar

Since ancient times, Zen tea has not been separated, and tea tasting needs tranquility, a quiet place, and a trace of tranquility. The ancient people like to drink tea by the pine stone spring, because here is closest to nature and closest to their own hearts. In the hustle and bustle of the city today, it is a great blessing in life to find a holy place for tea tasting through 5,000 years on Qufang Street.

——Qufang Street | Fairy Tea Shop

The Guanzhong area of Shaanxi, with its rich historical and cultural accumulation, has followed the historical folk customs and formed a vivid and interesting "eight monsters". With its unique charm of "ancient style, ancient charm, ancient Chang'an", it has swept the Chinese gourmet forest. Qufang Street specially invites the folk catering brand Lao Tongguan to invite you to taste together.

——Qufang Street | Old Tongguan

Food is in Sucheng, flavor is in your heart, and one city is one flavor in Suzhou.

——Qufang Street | Sucheng Blind

Today, when various types of experiential consumption become mainstream, Qufang Street pays great attention to the interactive experience of tourists. A small stage is set up in the block to regularly perform various kinds of tracks. Visitors can also dress up and learn to sing and take pictures while enjoying. The non-heritage experience hall promotes folk culture, and displays exhibition workshops. From time to time, non-heritage handicrafts, carvings, clay pottery, weaving, soy products crafts, and Hanfu are displayed and interacted.

——Qufang Street | Non-legacy Experience Hall

Qufang Street in Suzhou, jointly built by Tuojia Group and Greenland Group, is located at the middle point of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail, and has been officially included in the two-hour economic circle of Beijing and Shanghai. Based on the Central Plains cultural grandeur of "Kyushu Tongqu and the convergence of boats and cars", a historical immersive commercial block is built; the block integrates ancient street garden cultural experience, regional folklore visits, leisure and recreation, fashion and entertainment, style shopping, and bed and breakfast hotels. It is a popular place for photography punching.

The prosperity has begun, the feast will be held

Qufang Street Welcome to visit

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